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News for 2016


News for 2015

September 13, 2015 - Tula and I complete our Rally Advanced title (RA) with the Canadian Kennel Club.

July 30, 2015 - Tula competes for the first time in the new Canadian Kennel Club class Points and Distance. We receive our title after 3 runs. (NP).

June 26, 2015 - We have completed our Canadian Kennel Club Agility Excellent title! (CDX)

May 17, 2015 - We have done another Rally trial, this one with the Canadian Kennel Club, where we have now completed our Rally Novice title (RN).

April, 2015 - We have started competing in Rally Obedience and have our first Novice title (CRN-MCL) with the Canadian Association of Rally Obedience. The MCL stands for Magna Cum Laude and is for dogs whose total score averages 190 to 200.

February, 2015 - Tula and I finish our Starters Games Dog of Canada title. (SGDC) This is with the Agility Association of Canada.


News for 2014

October, 2014 - We have completed our Utility title! (UD or OTCH) with 4 1st place finishes.

May, 2014 - Tula surprises us with one female puppy.   

March, 2014 - Tula has been bred to Jasper (Aust. MRUBIG BIG GR CH Suthenskys Single N Luvn It HSAs)

January, 2014 - Tula finishes her Companion Dog Excellent Obedience Title (CDX) with 3 first place finishes and a High Aggregate! 

News for 2013
August, 2013 - Tula and I finished our Canadian Kennel Club Agility Intermediate (AGI) and Agility Intermediate Jumpers (AGIJ) Titles.
July, 2013 - Tula and I finished our Companion Dog Obedience Title (CD) with 8 first place finishes and 1 High In Trial.
June, 2013 - Tula and I finished our Canadian Kennel Club Agility Novice (AGN) and Agility Novice Jumpers (AGNJ) Titles. 
June, 2013 - Tula and I finished our Agility Association of Canada Starters Title (ADC)
April, 2013 - Tula finished her Pre-Novice Obedience Title at the Red Deer and District Kennel Club show.  (PCD)
January, 2013 - Tula now has her Scent Hurdle Racing Champion title, this race was in conjunction with the Alberta Kennel Club Show.  (SHDCH) 
News for 2012
Tula finishes her Canadian Championship Friday, November 2nd at the Red Deer and District Kennel Club show.  Thank you to judge Guy Jeavons from Ontario for giving us a Group 1st, a 5 point win!  Tula is the first Australian Kelpie in Canada to receive recognition as a Canadian Champion!
Tula receives a Group 2nd placing, a 4 point win, at the Evelyn Kenny Kennel and Obedience Club show on Sunday, July 15.  Thank you to judge Rosemary Kemp from Australia for appreciating my girl!
 Saturday, June 2, Tula receives a Group 3rd placing for 3 points, at the Northern Alberta Canine Association show.  Thank you to judge Gloria Kerr of USA for this nice award. 
News for 2011
Tula receives her first championship point at the Calgary Kennel and Obedience Club Show on Sunday, December 4th.  Judge Joe Lobb of Ontario gives her a Group 4th and BEST PUPPY IN GROUP! 



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